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Indian Wedding Dresses for Men: The Complete Guide

If you thought that only women liked to dress up for events like weddings, you are mistaken. Men are as fond of dressing up in their best on such special occasions. Weddings are a time for fun and frolic with family. It’s a time of festivities, rituals, song, and dance, and a time when everyone is dressed to kill – well, at least to impress! The metrosexual male of today also likes to jazz it up on festival days like Diwali or Onam; coats and suits are alright, but nothing looks as classy and elegant as ethnic Indian wear for such occasions. Whether it’s wedding dresses for men in India, or festive garments, traditional wear is the way to go. Indian ethnic wear for men ranges from simple daily wear casual garments like kurta and pajamas to opulent and regal looking sherwanis. Let’s examine wedding dresses for the Indian male in some detail.

1. Kurta 

Ethnic Kurtas for men

This is a long shirt, reaching well below the knees; it can be a very simple cotton or khadi one for everyday use, or silk ones for parties or festive days, often with contrast thread embroidery at the yoke and sleeves. Traditionally, kurtas don’t have sewed on buttons; they are special metal buttons which are joined in a chain, and have to be threaded through the button holes when you wear them. Casual cotton kurtas are often made as half sleeve kurtas, and are sometimes shorter as well. However, for formal use, they always have long sleeves. It is paired with a churidar – a tight fitting pant which is gathered at the ankles, or a salwar, a loose-fitting pant, sometimes with pleats. Silk kurtas in beige, or rich jewel tones are a favorite Indian wedding attire for men.

2. Nehru Jackets 

Nehru Jackets

So named as these sleeveless jackets were favored by Pandit Nehru, these jackets are close fitting, and render a slim look to the wearer. This jacket can be worn on a kurta, a pathan suit, or even a pair of jeans and longish shirt – it’s a versatile garment. It is an apt piece of clothing for any of the numerous ceremonies associated with weddings, or festival days.

3. Sherwanis

Sherwanis are the most preferred Indian wedding dresses for men. They are long, flared, full sleeved coat like garments buttoned right up to the neck. They are made of rich fabric, like silk, and with brocade, or heavy embroidery or handwork. Indeed, the wearer can feel like royalty in an elaborate sherwani, replete with a turban and slim pant to finish the look. 

4. Bandhgala Suit

This is also popular among men’s Indian outfits for weddings; it comprises coat and trousers, with the neck fully enclosed. It originated in Jodhpur in the mid 19th century – hence the name. It combines both western and Indian styles, and has a unique appearance. It is highly customizable, and can be worn with a vest over the coat, or a shirt under the bandhgala. 

5. Achkan

An achkan is somewhat similar to the Sherwani, but is slightly shorter and trimmer and more fitted, to give the wearer a leaner appearance. It can also be left unbuttoned, and just shrugged into, with the kurta underneath it showing – in other words, like a jacket, or coat, over a kurta. It is normally paired with a churidar, or fitted pants.

6. Pathan or Pathani Suit

Similar to a kurta pyjama, this costume comprises of a loose tunic worn on the upper body, and baggy pants. The upper garment may be half or full sleeve, and is usually made in solid colors, with a shirt type collar at the neck, pockets on both sides of the chest, and optional epaulettes on the shoulder. The upper garment can be as long as to fall below the knee, or as short as a few inches above it. Bold and elegant, this casual wedding attire for men can help you make a statement. It is a comfortable and convenient attire that allows free movement to the wearer.

7. Dhoti 

This is an unstitched white, off-white, or cream colored garment about 4 meters long, worn on the lower body, from the waist down. It is pleated and passed from the front to the back between the legs and tucked into the waistband at the back. It is the oldest and most traditional Indian wedding attire for men. It is usually paired with a kurta on top. In different parts of India, there are variations in the manner of pleating and tying the dhoti. Notably, in Gujrat (shorter in length), Bengal (fan like pleats in the front), and Maharashtra, there are distinct styles of wearing the dhoti. In Maharashtra, a variant of the dhoti, known as the ‘souvle’ is worn; this is worn like the dhoti, but is usually maroon, or purple in color, and is favored on auspicious occasions like pujas and weddings. Dhotis usually have a small border along its length at the bottom. Nowadays, stitched and ready to wear dhotis are available so that you can sport a traditional look without taking the effort required.

8. Mundu

This is the south Indian version of the dhoti; it is worn plainly around the waist - no fuss about pleating! In almost any wedding, you will find that it is the wedding dress for groom. The wedding dhoti normally has a golden border, or gold interspersed with bright green or maroon temple weaves. It is paired with a formal western shirt, or a kurta; in very traditional families, the groom does not wear any garment on the upper body for the ceremony. He instead has another piece of unstitched garment called veshti or uparnam, which is draped around the shoulders, or folded and draped across the torso.

9. Angarkha

This garment is a long tunic worn on the upper half of the body, which is a kind of wrap around kurta, with overlap. It is tied to either the right or left shoulder, and is often pleated or flared from the waist down. The Angarkha reminds one of royalty, as it is made of heavy silk, velvet, or brocade, with intricate embroidery or handwork; it is an exquisite wedding dress for men. Angarkhas look best when paired with slim pants or churidars.

Readymade garments may not be for everyone - you may not get the right fit, or the design, pattern or fabric, may not be to your liking. The best solution in such an instance, is to opt for custom made ethnic Indian outfits.

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