Herb-Infused Shorts & Kurta Set

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Embrace nightly rejuvenation with our Herb-Infused Sleepwear. Experience the touch of nature as the healing properties of natural herbs soothe your skin, preparing you for a serene slumber. It's more than sleepwear; it's a wellness retreat for your skin.

Note: These are specially tailored pieces, the dispatch may take upto 10-15 days once we received the order. We are grateful for your patience. 

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Gift wellness and comfort to a loved one.

Our Herbal Sleepwear is the perfect present for those who cherish health, wellness, and sustainability. Surprise your loved ones with the gift of serene nights.

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Herb-Infused Shorts & Kurta Set

Herb-Infused Shorts & Kurta Set

Pure benefits, not magic.

  • Heals, doesn’t rash

    The herbal infusions promote relaxation, calm the mind, and reduce anxiety, leading to better sleep quality. The natural properties of herbs can also alleviate physical discomfort and aid in overall relaxation.

  • Infused, doesn’t smell

    Shuddhi collection products are made of pure cotton. Also, they are Hand-stitched to perfection by our in-house artisans with love, to make your everyday moments special.

  • Soft, doesn’t irritate

    The herbal infusions' natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties promote healthier and more vibrant skin, reduce inflammation, and prevent acne and other skin conditions.

  • Wear your values as you sleep

    Our Herbal Kurta-Pyjama Set is handcrafted with organic materials and natural dyes, supporting ethical fashion. Sleep comfortably, knowing you're making a difference.

Product Care

Colors fade, not its herbal properties

Due to the natural dyes used, the color may start to fade after 15 washes, but the herbal qualities will stay intact.

When washing, use mild, bleach-free soap and cold water.

Allow drying in the shade.

Sleepwear meets Ayurveda

How did we make it?

Washed with mineral-rich water and sea salt to remove sizing, gum and oils used in weaving. Bleached with organic cleaning agents and surfactants such as Saptala and Phenila. Dried under direct sunlight.

Dyed in a mixture of herbal dyes and medicinal herbs, flowers, roots, and barks. Repeatedly washed and dried in the shade to lock the medicinal properties.

Note: No chemical additives are used while spinning, weaving, or to enhance appearance.

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